The Bieber Roast’s Sickest Burns Were Selena Gomez Related


We all know that the Justin Bieber Roast would be great, since it’s fairly easy to make fun of the guy. Sure, he’s rich and famous, but has been the butt of jokes ever since he appeared on the scene. And in proper roast fashion, many of the comics seemed to hone in on what hurts Biebs the most – Selena Gomez.

Many reports claim that Bieber still has very strong feelings for his celebrity ex, so why not really stick it to him? And that’s what many of the roasters did.

Roast leader Jeffrey Ross was particularly brutal, as expected. With his first mention of Gomez, Ross told Bieber “Selena wanted to be here but she’s dating men now.”

Ouch! The second one might have been even better, when he asked Bieber if the reason he broke up with Gomez was the fact that she was able to grow a mustache before him. That’s a fourth degree burn right there!

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