The Amber Heard Vs. Johnny Depp Fued Isn’t Over Yet


If you thought that the feud between exes Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was over, you were wrong.

The former celebrity couple reached an agreement on a settlement recently so that they would avoid an ugly divorce trial. Depp was ordered to pay a $7 million in the settlement, and Heard said that she would be giving all of that money to two charities for abused women and children.

But here’s the catch. Depp simply started donating the money in Heard’s name. But that’s not what she wanted. Heard wanted to get the money so that she could directly donate it.

The actress believes that by paying the money himself, Depp is trying to save some cash and now she’s asking him to donate a total of $14 million to the charities.

According to Heard’s legal team, the settlement states that he must give her the money and that she will then donate it. So since he has donated $7 million in his name, it doesn’t mean that Depp has honored the agreement.

The two decided to split after 15 months of marriage during which time there were even rumors of spousal abuse.

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