Taylor Swift’s New Album Will Be Hiddleston-Inspired?


They’ve been dating for a bit more than two weeks, but Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have already done some serious couple stuff like traveling to Europe together and meeting each other’s families.

If this was a less outrageous era, we would assume that Taylor is pregnant and has to get married to save her honor, but as it is not, it’s safe to assume this is just the famous singer being her inconsistent self. Among all the canoodling with her new boyfriend Tom, the pop star also dedicated some time to her songwriting, reports Hollywood Life.

It looks like Taylor’s newest love story is quite the inspiration! So, she’s pouring out some new songs and Hiddleston is definitely her ‘muse’ this time. Some sources close to Taylor claim that Hiddleston has been a breath of fresh air for her; he not only showers her with attention but also encourages her to be herself. Their whirlwind romance has got social media on fire and it seems that Hiddleston might succeed where others have failed – finally filling in Taylor’s Blank Space.

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