Taylor Swift’s Label Strategy Leaves British Fans Angry

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Taylor Swift has addressed her frustrated British fans about her new single Out of the Woods being unavailable to buy in the UK, even though it has been released worldwide. 

The pop star tried to explain to her fans that the song wasn’t available due to a new strategy her label is utilizing in Britain.  She also said that her good friend Ed Sheeran already tried the same thing and was content with the feedback.

“To all my wonderful UK fans, I realize that you are not able to get ‘Out of the Woods’ due to a new strategy my record label is working on it the UK. I’ve never been one to hold my music back from any of you so I will be watching closely to see if this is ultimately a better experience for you, the fans.  My good friend Ed Sheeran utilized the same strategy with ‘One’ in the UK and he seemed very happy with the feedback from his fans. But, ultimately, it’s down to you. Let me know.”

Thousands of British fans posted angry messages on social media because the song didn’t appear on Apple’s online store.

Swift’s latest album 1989 is due for release on 27 October.

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