Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Loses 4-Year Battle With Cancer


One of Taylor Swift’s most dedicated fans, 12-year-old Emily Beazley, died after a harrowing battle with cancer, her family confirmed the devastating news Tuesday.

Emily’s mom Nadia posted a message about the girl’s tragic passing late Monday on her Facebook page. Here’s what she wrote:

“My beautiful Emily got to use her angel wings. She fought hard to the end. Her last gift to me was passing peacefully.”

Emily was diagnosed with non-Hogkins lymphoma when she was just 8 and vigorously fought the illness for 4 years. Sadly, her parents had to decide earlier this year to stop chemo once doctors said there was nothing that could help her.

However, Emily refused to give up even then. Her supporters, known as Emily’s Entourage, managed to have her street renamed in her honor while Chicago’s skyline was lit up in green and purple. But that’s not all. Emily’s friends, family and supporters launched an amazing social media campaign in order to reach out to her idol Taylor Swift and ask the popular singer to talk to the terminally ill girl.

As soon as she heard their appeal, Swift called Emily and talked to her about music, touring and cancer.

Emily’s mother said her daughter had “the biggest smile” and “jumped up and down” after the Grammy Award winner’s call, and added that Taylor’s manager offered the family tickets and a chance to meet the singer at her Detroit concert on May 30.

Swift also announced in April that her mom has cancer.

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