Taylor Swift Talks About Brush With Death


According to pop singer Taylor Swift, she was recently involved in a snowmobiling accident in which her life flashed before her eyes. Swift talked about the event recently with Rolling Stone, and said that the song “Out of the Woods” off her new album is about this brush with death that she experienced.

Swift said that she was out snowmobiling with a former boyfriend when he lost control of the vehicle and then got into a serious accident. Swift said that while she was not injured in the accident, she was very scared. Her then boyfriend suffered most of the injuries, having to receive 20 stitches after the accident.

Rolling Stone then asked the singer how no one ever found out about the accident. Swift said that when you need to keep something a secret, it’s sometimes better to simply look someone in the eyes and ask them not to talk about it – and that’s what she did.

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