Taylor Swift Shakes Off Breakup With Calvin Harris


One of the most popular celebrity gossip subjects, Taylor Swift, is taking a page from her own songbook and accepting single life full on, E! reported earlier.

Calvin Harris, who dated Swift for quite a long time, recently put a stop to any bad gossip by tweeting about the respect and love he still felt for the celebrity singer. It’s been three weeks now since the two called it quits, and unlike with all her other breakups, Swift is not lost in her little drama world. On the contrary, Swift seems to be enjoying her newfound freedom.

According to various sources, Swift is spending most of her time working on herself, which among other activities includes intense working out five times a week. She’s also seen a lot with Gigi Hadid, who also recently had a relationship crisis with Zayn Malik. For the time being, we know for sure that Swift is planning a nice long trip, when she’ll have time to unwind and spend some time just being single. Naturally for the singer, who seems to be getting inspired by her love troubles and breakups, she is also writing new songs and music, so we can expect a lot of new material by summer’s end.

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