Taylor Swift Really Makes Dreams Come True


Taylor Swift has shown many times that she has a huge heart and that she would do anything to make her fans happy. This time, she has made 12-year-old Jorja Hope’s wish come true.

When the little girl was diagnosed with a condition that will eventually cause her to lose her hearing, Jorja was desperate because “I won’t be able to hear Taylor Swift sing.” However, not only did her twin sister Chloe take her to listen to Taylor’s music live in concert but she also arranged for Jorja to meet her idol.

In order to do all of that, Chloe started a Facebook group and an online campaign, which was soon noticed by Sydney radio station Nova 96.9. The staff at the station were so moved by the girl’s situation that they did everything in their power to reach Taylor and tell her Jorja’s story.

Jorja attended Taylor’s Sydney concert on Saturday, Nov. 28.

Here’s what she said after meeting Taylor:

“She was very, very amazing and very pretty. I didn’t expect her to be as tall as she was.”

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