Taylor Swift Openly Provokes Katy Perry With A Shark-Dressed Dancer


Swift may have resolved her feud with Nicki Minaj, but don’t expect her to smooth things over with Katy Perry anytime soon. The 25-year-old pop star performed her hit Bad Blood in Foxborough last Sunday and made a mini diss when one of her dancers appeared dressed like a shark – a reference to Perry’s Super Bowl half-time performance that got her an Emmy nomination.

There are already tons of fan-made videos of the moment and in each and every one we see the same thing – the shark appears, Taylor is looking at the place where her dancer will appear at the scheduled time, and she lets out a fairly perfidious laugh for just a second, before continuing to sing. Now, it may have just been an inside joke, but something just doesn’t smell right. And it’s kind of sad what methods Swift is resolving to – sure, no publicity is bad publicity, but sometimes there’s simply no need for such provocations.

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