Taylor Swift Once Again Proves She Has A Big Heart


Taylor Swift does it again! A fundraising campaign has been started recently to help a young mother, Amber Lynn (28) and her son Jonathan Van Riper (7) after they got seriously injured and had several bones broken in a car accident. The husband and father of the two car crash victims, Aaron Van Riper, is a volunteer firefighter who arrived at the scene to help the people involved not knowing it was his family.

Taylor’s donation of $15,000 makes for the greatest portion of the $94,000 donated so far. The money raised will go toward paying the medical bills and helping the family cope with the troubles that lay ahead – Aaron will be forced to stay at home and take care of his wife and son until their bones heal.

This is yet another donation made by Taylor Swift in the past few years. She has already helped numerous causes and institutions, including New York City public schools, the Nashville Symphony, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Cancer Center.

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