Taylor Swift Is Moving On By Making Out With Tom Hiddleston


So much for Taylor Swift being heartbroken over her recent breakup with DJ Calvin Harris. The pop superstar already has a new love interest.

It’s British actor Tom Hiddleston, and the two are not even remotely trying to hide how into each other they are. British tabloid “The Sun” just published a picture of the two celebrities making out in public.

The two seemed to be very much into one another. They were laughing, holding hands, taking selfies and smooching close to Swift’s Rhode Island home.

According to the reports, the looked like a very happy couple, kissing and hugging, not caring if anyone so them.

The “Thor” star and pop singer were seen earlier this year at the New York Met Gala dancing together, and people at the event noticed that it looked as if they had a connection.

Swift just broke up with Harris a couple of weeks ago, after being in a relationship with the Scottish DJ for 15 months.


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