Taylor Swift Is Head Over Heels For Calvin Harris


We are really glad that Taylor Swift is so happy with her new boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris. Remember earlier this year when Swift talked about being alone forever because there’s a good chance that men can’t really deal with her level of popularity? Well, we are glad that gloomy period ended for the star. According to people close to the Swift camp, she is completely in love with her new boyfriend. Sources say that they want to spend every second of free time they have together.

Even though both of them are obviously extremely busy, they are both making changes to their schedules so that they can be together as much as possible.

So when Swift has a day off from her tour and Harris is playing somewhere, she will go to his show and support him instead of taking some time off for herself. How cute is that? According to sources close to the DJ, Harris is also “all in” when it comes to the relationship and is doing everything he can to make it work.

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