Taylor Swift Is A Playboy Girl Now – But With Clothes


This is probably one of the oddest sentences you’ll get a chance to read here at CelebrityDirt. Taylor Swift will pose for Playboy, the most popular magazine for men that is packed with naked girls, but with her clothes on? And she’ll be on the front cover?! What in god’s name is going on here?

Well, Playboy has apparently decided that it’s high time they gave up on the whole “nude girls” story. With the uprise of the Internet and its availability to everyone, nude girls are just a click away, and people are not willing to wait a whole month and pay 6 bucks to see them anymore.

Swift has never posed nude (and probably never will), and she’s a world-famous celebrity – who better to open Playboy’s “clothing season” than this American singer and superstar? We’re eagerly waiting to see what the cover of the next edition will look like, but knowing Swift, it’s bound to be classy and sexy at the same time.

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