Taylor Swift Gets ACM 2015 Award From Mom (VIDEO)


Things got really emotional at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday. Pop/country superstar Taylor Swift was one of seven people slated to receive the 50th Anniversary Milestone Award.

And the tear-jerking moments arrived courtesy of Swift’s mother, who was on hand to present the award to her daughter.

As we all remember, Swift recently announced on social media that her mother was battling cancer. But her mom, Andrea, looked radiant presenting the award to her 25-year-old daughter.

She talked about what it was like with Taylor growing up and how her favorite thing to do was write songs as long as she can remember. She also told a great story about Swift’s huge hit “Love Story,” and how the song came to be.

She said that she and Swift’s dad were the subject of that song, stating that Taylor was mad at them because they disapproved of a boy that Taylor was seeing at the time, when she was 17 years-old.

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