Taylor Swift Fears She’ll Never Find True Love


Taylor Swift seems like a woman who has everything she wants. She’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world and is adored by many. But for some reason, Swift believes that her chances of finding true love are pretty slim. He also comments that she sees herself as still being single at the age of 30, which is five years from now.

Why does she think that? Swift believes that no one wants to sign up to be in a relationship with her, just because of the fact that being with her entails a lot of sacrifices.
Taylor is the biggest pop star in the world right now, and she is afraid that this will scare off potential suitors. According to the singer, no one wants to enter a relationship that entails being followed around by cameras constantly.
She is also aware of how public her recent breakups were and believes that there are not that many people out there who want to go through that type of thing.

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