Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Toddler With Cancer


Taylor Swift is truly an angel with a huge heart! She just donated $50,000 to help a 13-month-old that is battling cancer. The toddler is the nephew of one of Swift’s dancers named Toshi. According to the family of the child, both Swift and uncle Toshi made big donations to their GoFundMe page, which will enable the child to not only receive the medical treatment he needs, but will also allow his mother to stay at home with him through this ordeal.

It was reported that baby Ayden’s mother was let go from her job because she was taking too much time off to care for her child.

At first, doctors thought that the child had pneumonia, but it was later discovered that it was cancer after further test results came in.

Uncle Toshi thanked Swift on his Instagram page as well, saying that his family is incredibly grateful and that Swift is an incredible human being.

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