Taylor Swift Denies Feuds With Selena Gomez


You would think that singers Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were on terrible terms, but that’s only if you believe everything you read in the tabloids. Apparently, Swift is currently in some type of feud with another pop singer, Katy Perry. But according to what Swift told Rolling Stone in a recent interview, there was never any type of conflict with Gomez.

Swift said that the entire supposed argument between the two was orchestrated by the media and that it is a non-issue. Swift said that she and Gomez would even call each other and laugh whenever they read about their fake feud.

If you were going to believe everything you read, the blogs and tabloids were saying that Gomez was more of a party girl and that she found Swift boring and did not want to be friends with her anymore. Other blogs were saying that Swift was not happy about Gomez dating Justin Bieber, and that this is why the relationship disintegrated.

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