Taylor Swift Brings Audience To Tears With “Ronan”


Even though we’re all used to Taylor being the center of attention with not-so-very-much-impeccable stories, this time even we have to take our hats off to her. You might remember (or more likely you might not) the 2012 Stand Up to Cancer telethon which took place in September.

Well, Taylor was one of the performers and she surprised the audience with a new song we haven’t had the chance to hear before, entitled “Ronan”. Swift wrote “Ronan” upon discovering a blog which was written by Maya Thompson, the mother of a young boy who was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma. She was so moved by the story that she decided to pay homage to the poor boy (whose illness ultimately claimed his life in 2011).

And this Monday she decided it was time to remind the world of the tragic event by making Glendale, Arizona swim in their own tears as she sung “Ronan” for the second time ever. We don’t fancy openly praising celebs just like that, but good job Taylor – you gained a few points with this kind act.

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