Taylor Swift And Nick Jonas Share Nostalgic Moment


Taylor Swift is currently touring America to promote her latest album and playing stadiums around the country. On Saturday, she was in East Ruterhford, New Jersey, and she had a very special guest come out on stage with her and play the song “Jealous” as a duet.

The special guest was none other than Nick Jonas.The day after the show, Swift took to Twitter to reminisce a little bit and posted a picture of herself performing with Nick Jonas on stage. However, it was not a picture from the show that they just did together.

It is actually a picture from 2008. Swift appeared as a guest on the Jonas Brother’s live DVD that they released seven years ago. Nick noticed the picture on social media and had a laugh as well about it, while Swift was clearly sentimental. It’s great to see how far the two of them have come in such a short amount of time as artists, don’t you think?

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