Taylor Schilling Glad to Be Starring in Orange Is the New Black


Orange Is the New Black is without a doubt one of the hottest shows on these days, and something that everyone is talking about. The show’s first season was a huge success, so people are expecting a lot out of the second season, which is set to premier soon.

One person who is expecting more than other is the star of the show Taylor Schilling, even though she admitted to press at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards that she has not watched the first season yet.

Schilling plays the lead in the television show. Her name is Piper, and she is a woman that has gotten into trouble with the law thanks to her links with an ex-girlfriend who was a drug dealer.

Isn’t it strange that the star of the show has not watched it at all herself? Schilling didn’t really make that much out of it, but she said that she will probably be watching season two. Schilling said that season two is much better than season one. But how would she know if she hasn’t watched it?

She probably feels that she doesn’t need to watch it, since she is in it and filmed the series. Maybe we should take her word for it that season 2 is better.

She called the show a “golden ticket,” adding that everything lines up in the show to make it perfect.

It lines up politically, creatively, it just fires on all cylinders,” Schilling said when describing her hit show.

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