Talk Show Hosts React To Robin Williams’ Death


It seems that all of Hollywood was reacting to the suicide of Robin Williams. People he worked with, people who knew him, and fans he had touched all gave great statements about the comedian and actors life and how his work affected them.

Naturally, some of the people who were most hit by the story were colleagues of his, particularly late night talk show hosts. Any time a great comedian dies, some of the best insight into their lives seems to always come from the hosts of late night television, who are all comics themselves and usually know all of their fellow comedians very well.

One great tribute done during the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon was when the leader of Fallon’s house band The Roots, drummer Questlove, started off the show by saying “nanu nanu” instead of “hello” as a tribute to Williams’ famed Mork character.

Fellow late nighter Conan O’Brien also told a funny story about Williams buying him an unsightly bicycle, and you can tell that the host was clearly choked up telling it.

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