Stevie Wonder Had A Rotten Attorney


It takes a special kind of malice to abuse the fact that somebody is handicapped for personal gain, and that’s just what Stevie Wonder’s attorney did. This story is just a sheer display of just how crooked people can get. Apparently, Stevie’s lawyer, Johanan Vigoda, tricked the star into giving money to his family even years after the man died!

When Stevie was 21 years old, he hired Johanan Vigoda to handle all his legal affairs, and the man did his job well – what Stevie didn’t know however, was that Vigoda tricked him while he was signing their contract. The two agreed on 6% of Stevie’s musical royalties to be payed to Vigoda, but there was also a clause that obliged him to keep paying even after Vigoda’s death. Needless to say, Stevie absolutely wasn’t aware of this part, and just recently realized that a huge amount of money was being transferred from his account on a regular basis.

Naturally, he’s preparing to settle this grim matter in the courtroom, and cut all ties with the Vigoda family. However, it will not be that easy, since the snake’s wife, Susan Strack, has filed a lawsuit against Wonder, complaining that her rights were injured by his decision. Some people really need to be put into their place.

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