Steve Rannazzisi Admits To Lying About 9/11


Oh Steve, how could you possibly think that lying publicly about being at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks was a good idea to boost your reputation and popularity? Parents, Steve Rannazzisi’s current situation might be a good way to inspire your kids never to lie again.

Anyway, during a December 2009 podcast of “WTF”, Steve thoroughly explained how he was working on the 54th floor of the second tower, and how he was there at a place with the perfect view, at the perfect moment to fully witness the plane crashing into the building. And apparently, that’s not the only time he would mention this event.

However, he just couldn’t bare the fact that he had invented such a story, and possibly offending a lot of the survivors and families of the ones who didn’t make it on that dreadful day. He gave a public apology and is now witnessing his reputation tumble to the ground. His fairly successful Buffalo Wild Wings commercial was yanked, and his Comedy Central appearance scheduled for this weekend is still “being considered”.


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