Stephen Collins Portrays A Pedophile Priest In Latest Jeff Wolfe Short Film


After confessing to molesting at least three underage girls, Stephen Collins has been hitting news headlines worldwide.

In addition to all the shocking reports, the former 7th Heaven star portrays a pedophile priest in a 10-minute-long movie that has been playing at a few film festivals throughout the year. 

The summary of Penance, which also stars David Lyons, says that Stephen Collins is the priest Lyons’ character visits to clear his conscience.  The short film was directed by Emmy-winning Jeff Wolfe who explained that the movie was made in 2013, before all the child abuse allegations surfaced.

‘’I found the recent allegations particularly shocking, as my film is meant to speak to victims of abuse and the idea that the effects of abuse never really go away’’

Apart from being under investigation by the NYPD, Collins has also lost his job on the hit show Scandal, was cut from Ted 2 and has been dropped from his talent agency.

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