Stephen Collins Not Getting Prosecuted After All


After confessing on an audio tape all about his sexual offenses, as many as three of them, and after one of his victims stepped up and told police about everything that had happened back in the 1970’s, it seems that Stephen Collins will walk away a free man. Not only will he not be prosecuted on account of the cases being too old, but he won’t be sued in a civil lawsuit either!

The victim, a woman that stepped up and told the NYPD how she was sexually molested by Stephen Collins, as a minor, back in the 1970’s, says that she is not after his money and that she only wanted to encourage the other victims to come out too and to warn the world about Collins.

In addition to that, she also notified the LAPD, who are also investigating the actor. So that’s probably the end of the Stephen Collins scandal, albeit a very unsatisfying one, unless new victims speak up.

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