Stephen Collins Case Now Investigated By A Third Law Enforcement Agency


As the Stephen Collins case unfolds, more and more details about his sex crimes have become public and it definitely looks like it is not going to end well for the former 7th Heaven star.

Remember how Collins himself confessed to exposing himself to a minor on an audio tape? Well now the victim herself is coming forward.

Her name, age and address will remain redacted for obvious reasons. The woman claims she was sexually molested by Collins in 1983, when the actor lived in West Hollywood.

The victim was a relative of a neighbor of his. Since that location falls under the jurisdiction of the LA County Sheriff’s office, the case is now being investigated by three separate law enforcement agencies.

For now, the Sheriff’s office is focused on the claims of indecent exposure and molesting a minor (the victim was 13 at the time) and Stephen Collins is listed as a suspect.

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