Spike Lee Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit


Filmmaker Spike Lee has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by Juan Luis Garcia, over the movie Oldboy posters.

In November 2013, Garcia released an open letter to the Do the Right director, stating the advertisement agency bosses who backed the movie have used the images without permission after he didn’t want to allow them to be used. Apparently, the monetary offer was too low.

The letter posted on Twitter.com page read, “I Never Heard Of This Guy Juan Luis Garcia,If He Has A Beef It’s Not With Me.I Did Not Hire Him, Do Not Know Him. Cheap Trick Writing To Me.YO”

Now the artist has taken aim at the tags reading “© 2013 Spike Lee,” and “© 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks.,” which were featured on the posters.

Spike has reacted to the letter, saying that he has never heard of Garcia. He also said that he would not pay him any money for the posters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia is now moving forward with his claims and filed a lawsuit in California on Tuesday, May 27.

In the legal documents, his lawyer states, “This copyright attribution is false, as Plaintiff owns these posters, not anyone else, and the images were not owned or under license to Defendants.”

“Moreover, Defendants knew this was false at the time these posters were created, but continued to reproduce and distribute this false information.”

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