Spacey Perfected Richard III Walk To Avoid Injury


Actor Kevin Spacey studied posture and tricks to make sure he didn’t join actors who were left in severe injuries while portraying of hunchback king Richard III during his 200-act world tour of the Shakespeare famous play.

He asked his colleagues for advice on how to properly portray the disabled English monarch. And rather than give him any acting tips and tricks, his pals told his it would be best if he had a gr4eat masseuse waiting for him in the wings.

He told U.S. chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, “A lot of thought went into what I was going to do because I talked to a bunch of actors who played Richard III before I did and they all said to me: ‘Be careful… I threw my neck out, my back, my knee, my leg…’

Spacey then took time to think about the gait on the world’s rigged and sloping stages. He included some tricks of the trade to make sure he avoid longterm injuries.

He said, “I didn’t want to hurt myself over all of those performances and, you know, massages were a good thing, but at the very end of the play, they hung me upside down after Richard is killed and that was great.”

“They put these big ankle things on and lifted me up and you could hear the audience going ‘Oh’ – they were, like, a little scared about it, and I was like, ‘This is the most awesome thing’. After crumpling up all night long, it was the best stretch ever.”

His Richard III world tour was filmed, and ‘Now’, the resulting documentary, has just been released. It can be downloaded on the star’s official website.


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