Solange Would Not Let Hives Ruin Her Perfect Wedding


Throwing a perfect wedding is a stressful affair, and Solange’s wedding was just that – perfect. Or, it would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the terrible rash that the bride had to suffer on her way home from the wedding.

As she explained herself in the caption for the video of her and her son Julez dancing to “No Flex Zone,” the heat, the dancing around, the cape and the happiness were the culprit that cause her to break into hives all over her face. TMZ was quick to publish an unflattering photo of Solange with painful-looking welts on her face. But Solange wouldn’t have it. She was not going to allow anything to ruin her wedding day and luckily for her, someone had some Benadryl on hand.

Solange married her boyfriend of five years, Alan Ferguson, over the weekend in New Orleans in what is already being called the most stylish wedding of the year.

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