Solange Gave Up Ballet To Be A Backup Dancer


It seems that everything Solange Knowles touches turns to gold. Not many people could say that they started their career in a band like Destiny’s Child at the age of 13. 

But this wonder woman took a huge chance when she was in her teens and showed that some risks are definitely worth taking.

Although she was the youngest girl to become part of her ballet company, Solange gave up on ballet and joined her sister’s band.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but young Solange toughened up and built a highly successful career in the music industry.

She revealed how she became a backup dancer and confessed she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

‘’They were supposed to go on tour with Christina Aguilera, and one of the dancers just popped up and said, two weeks before the tour, “I’m pregnant”! I had been in ballet since I was two and a half, and at 13, the year that I starting dancing for them, I had just become part of a [ballet] company and I was the youngest girl; it was a huge deal.

And then my sister asked if I could fill in for a couple of weeks while they found another dancer, and I thought, “OK, this will be fun, because I will be able to travel with my family over the summer,” but I had no idea the transition from ballet to hip hop would be the way it was!

I remember the choreographer, he’s this pretty tough guy Frank Gatson, who has choreographed for everyone and danced for everyone from Michael Jackson to Usher. And he was pretty militant, he was like, “This is not fucking ballet! Stop pointing your toes like that, this is fucking hip hop!” And I was, like, 13, and everyone else was 25, so I had to toughen up a lot as a dancer.’’

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