Sofia Vergara Will Probably Never Be Able To Spend All The Money She Has


We, the normal people, have always wondered what in Earth’s name do these famous people do with those copious amounts of money they make from their jobs. Just take a look at the Modern Family actress/businesswoman/perfume designer Sofia Vergara, who’s been topping Forbes’ list of highest-earning TV actresses for four years straight. She earns a whooping $28.5 million a year – that’s a lot of houses, cars, jewelry, make-up and god knows what else.

Sofia has a number of contracts with well-known companies such as Head & Shoulders, so she doesn’t really have to worry if her acting career crumbles to dust. Apart from that, the perfumes she designed have a decent popularity and people have even asked her why she made a second series, Love, when her self-titled first series was so successful. She simply responded with:

“I’m getting married in November, and it’s a very important time in my life.”

And her future husband is none other than Joe Manganiello, the ripped stud, and actor with a net worth of about $16 million. Their wallets combined could probably buy a small county and enable them to claim it for their own. Although they probably have much different plans than that.

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