So, Who is Miss USA Really?


The Miss USA pageant was held last week. Nia Sanchez/Miss Arizona won. She is very pretty and everyone seemed pretty happy with the outcome. However, in the wake of her win, there arose a huge and funny conspiracy-turned scandal planned against the poor thing.

Unlike in the past, this scandal doesn’t include a sex tape or naked, dirty pictures. This year rumor has it Miss USA is a carpetbagger. As in, Nia did beauty pageants in California for years but never won, then she moved to Nevada in 2013 and established her residency so she could compete in something like Nevada’s lax beauty pageants.

Almost immediately after she was crowned, rumors began to swirl that she’d faked her residency in Las Vegas just so she could compete as Miss Nevada USA. But the beauty queen (with a black belt) insists that Sin City is actually her home, and she told Fox411 there was “no truth” to rumors.

The California-born brunette has lived “all over,” as she said. It includes short periods of time in Germany, Hong-Kong, the Middle East and Africa. She moved to Nevada nearly a year-and-a-half ago (primarily for modeling and promotional gigs) and actually chose not to compete in the 2013 Miss Nevada USA pageant because she figured out she’d “lived there just under six months.”

I wanted to go into [competition] properly, so I didn’t compete last year,” she advocates.

Instead, she supported her friend Chelsea Caswell who won the 2013 title.

I didn’t want people to have anything to say,” she said.

I did it right…I waited over a year to compete when I felt like I was ready.

She also insists it’s fair for women to compete in a different state “within the rules that the Miss Universe Organization has set up.”

They set it up for a reason,” Nia said. “That’s why there’s the six month residency rule…[Nevada] is my home.

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