Snoop Dogg Slated To Appear On Monday Night Raw


Snoop Dogg has dabbled in just about everything from music to movies, but he’s never wrestled. That’s all about to change next week on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

He is slated to appear on the program on March 23 and it should be fun to watch. Of course, it’s a big Monday Night Raw, since the WWE’s is gearing up for this year’s WrestleMania, the 31st annual event. So expect to see Snopp Dogg with a pretty big role, and who knows, he might even make a WrestleMania appearance if things go well for him and the rating are high.

In non-wrestling-related news, Snoop is going to be releasing a new album in May, which will be his lucky 13th solo album. It’s going to be called “Bush.” He also had a nice experience talking smack and making fun of people as one of the guests at the recent roast of Justin Bieber, so he should be ready to talk up a storm and shell out some insults in the ring next week.

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