Singer Legend Gets Honorary Degree


Soul singer John Legend has been given an honorary degree from his alma mater. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania 15 years ago, but this week, he came back to be recognized and to receive an honorary doctorate degree. Legend was present at the graduation ceremony for the class of 2014 and even spoke at the ceremony.

He graduated from the school’s College of Arts and Sciences 15 years ago with a degree in English. Of course, Legend is known most for his singing talents and the many hits he has scored over the years.

The news of the honorary degree was made public on the Instagram profile of his wife – model Chrissy Teigen. She took a picture of Legend posing with some fans at the ceremony and taking pictures with students.

She commented jokingly on the picture that she also had some honorary doctorates, but that she never brags about them or talks about them in public.

Legend is originally from Ohio, but attended the school in Pennsylvania. In the music business, he got his big break after hooking up with Kanye West. West, who was an unknown rapper at the time, was working with Legend on some songs and having the singer work on some of the hooks for his songs.

He saw immediate success with the release of his debut album Get Lifted, which had production on it from West and other superstar producers like He also has a total of nine Grammy awards and was recently inducted into the songwriters hall of fame.

This honorary degree and the recognition from the school seems to be icing on the cake for Legend, who has had a great career and continues to make hit records to this day.

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