Sinead O’Connor Is Missing And Her Life May Be In Danger


Obviously, nothing quite compares to Sinead O’Connor.

The singer has been tangled in family drama for quite some time now, which is apparent to anyone with a Facebook account.

In case you haven’t heard about it, O’Connor – via Facebook – threatened to take her own life in a small dodgy hotel under a pseudonym last November.

Six months later, on this Monday morning, she was reported missing after she didn’t come back from her usual bike ride on Sundays in the Wilmette suburbs. Did she take her own life, or is it something else in question, no one can tell for sure, as the celebrity singer has been dancing on a thin line between erratic drama queen and troubled person with serious personal and family issues for some time.

O’Connor was last seen in all black on a motorized bicycle. The police are investigating her disappearance and have no specific details to share with the public. What happens next remains to be seen.

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