Sinead O’Connor Found Alive And Well


(In)famous singer Sinead O’Connor was discovered in a hotel yesterday, after she was reported “missing suicidal”. She has been hospitalized and is in no immediate danger.

Wilmette police received a call which informed them that O’Connor never made it back home from her early Sunday ride, which alarmed authorities to send out a search party. Some hours later, O’Connor was found in an unnamed hotel and put in a hospital, as she was obviously under a lot of duress. There is no detailed information about the singer’s health, but apparently she is more than able to think and type.

She wrote a long Facebook post where she spilled all her thoughts and feelings about her disappointing family relations, and it is incriminating to say the least. She called forth her ex-husband, her son and father for being chauvinistic and cruel and for not helping her in time of need.

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