Sinead O’Connor Claims She Is Too Happy To Be Suicidal!


After all the rumors, scandals and slandering over social media, it’s hard to take Sinead O’Connor on her word when she says she’s happy. Only yesterday she claimed that she was standing on a bridge, wanting to commit suicide.

With her bipolar disorder – which O’Connor has talked about openly – always acting up, it’s not always easy to keep up with the mood swings of the famous singer.  But, when authorities hear the that Sinead O’Connor is suicidal again, they tend to take it seriously. This time it was a piece of false information that turned the Chicago PD into a whirlwind of mild paranoia, but all turned out fine after a post on Facebook appeared, spelling out just how alive O’Connor really is. The singer was very happy about the her motherland “Ireland getting its independence” and she shared it with all her followers.

The singer has significant family issues that are closely followed by her psychological problems, with which she is constantly wrestling, more or less successfully.

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