Should Chris Rock Boycott The Oscars?


Chris Rock has never been afraid to share what he really thinks of Hollywood, calling it racist on many occasions and once even saying Los Angeles is a “slave state.” Now, however, the comedian finds himself in a rather sticky situation regarding one of the biggest Academy Awards controversies in recent years, as news outlets and prominent blacks have slammed the Academy for its lack of racial diversity in Oscar nominations.

People are even trying to persuade Rock to join the boycott of the Awards, which is kind of complicated since he’s supposed to host the ceremony. Whoopi Goldberg shared her opinion on the matter, saying that boycotting the Oscars won’t accomplish anything.

Instead, she said that fans should be boycotting non-diverse movies. Rock shared a promotional tweet for the awards show a few days back, trying to ease the tension with a bit of comedy by calling the Oscars the “white BET awards.” Nothing like attacking controversy with a bit of inappropriate humor!

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