Shia LaBeouf Rants At Police And Gets Arrested


Shia LaBeouf was in Austin, TX and he had a great night out. He obviously had a few drinks before a police officer approached him and his friends because they were jaywalking in Downtown Austin. He then realized Shia was drunk, which turned the jaywalking thing into a public intoxication thing.

Shia tried to back away from said police officer, telling him that his friend was killed by the LAPD and that LA cops usually let him go because of this. According to him at the time, Austin Police Department members should have followed suit. Obviously, it didn’t work.

Shia then started getting all loud and confrontational, shouting that he was a member of the National Guard, among other things. He also tried to attack a person who was filming the incident and the police officer arrested the famous actor.

A great night in Texas, all in all.

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