Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne To Divorce


The marriage of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has definitely had a lot of ups and downs, with all of the drugs and alcohol that was involved over the years. But after 33 years of marriage, Sharon is officially ending the relationship because of Ozzy’s cheating ways.

According to sources close to the celebrity couple, Ozzy has been cheating on Sharon with a much younger hair stylist and Sharon is done with him. Apparently, Ozzy has already moved out and is currently living in a hotel in Southern California.

Ozzy’s mistress is apparently Michelle Pugh, a 45-year-old stylist to the stars.

The Black Sabbath singer has had a lot of problems in the past with drugs and alcohol and the couple have been on shaky ground many times before. But it appears that the cheating ways of the Prince of Darkness have caused Sharon to finally throw in the towel.

The fact that Sharon is Ozzy’s manager as well adds a further level of complication to the story.

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