Shake It Off Case Dropped But Not For Long


Earlier this year, a guy called Jessie Braham – whose artistic name Jessie Graham, for some reason – sued Taylor Swift for allegedly ripping off his song Haters Gone Hate for her megahit Shake It Off.

He counted 70 times that “his” phrase appears in Swift’s song (that says a lot about the said song, btw), concluding that Shake It Off is nothing but a complete rip-off of his song. Well, a judge dropped the case this week, saying that the case is full of holes and that no amount of Band-Aids will fix it. Judge Gail Standish dismissed the case by quoting and paraphrasing Swift herself.

Of course, Jessie is not giving up, saying that such a dismissal was BS; although he did add that he thought it was kind of funny.  Legally speaking, we agree with him. Find a new judge. Give it another go.

Haters gone hate – Jessie Braham by etribune

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