Sexy Britney Spears Shows Off Body In New Lingerie Ad

Britney Spears - "I Am Britney Jean"

Pop royalty Britney Spears has a new line of sexy lingerie coming out for her new Intimate Collection line of undwear.

And who better to show it off than the diva herself? Britney might have had her ups and downs over the years, but there is no denying that she looks better than ever. In the ad, she’s showing off her incredibly toned body and hot abs in a very revealing outfit made up of a very small pink bra and matching panties.

Spears has been in the press quite a bit recently and loves talking about her fitness habits and new healthy lifestyle. She recently did a spread for Women’s Magazine and even released a video along with the pictures just to shut up all of the people who were talking about the photos being fake and Photoshopped to death.

This new ad official confirms it – Spears is still a sexy mama!

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