Selma Blair Taken To Hospital After Mid-Flight Outburst


It seems that Selma Blair should have taken a longer vacation in Mexico, judging by her psychological state. Namely, the celebrity actress had an outburst of emotions during her flight back from the weekend getaway she spent with her son Arthur and her ex-husband Jason, TMZ reports.

Nobody knew that Blair was on medication and she didn’t care much either because she treated herself to a glass of wine, with her young son by her side. Soon after, she seemed unwell and started talking incoherently, so the medical staff on the plane jumped to help her. The nurses found the prescription medication in her bag and then arranged for an ambulance to wait for the actress at the airport. Allegedly, during her fit, she talked about a man who physically abused her and who she feared.

Her representative said Blair had a great time on her vacation and that she enjoyed herself with her son, so it’s not quite clear what caused the odd incident. Maybe it was negligence or maybe there is more to it – only time will tell.

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