Selena Gomez Has “Questioned Her Sexuality”


Selena Gomez has done a lot of sharing about her personal life recently as she has reemerged on the music scene. First, she talked about her Lupus diagnosis and the chemotherapy that she had to endure.

Gomez also talked to PrideSource about her sexuality, stating that she was never bothered by the rumors circling that she might be a lesbian.

Gomez said that she did question her sexuality at one point, adding that this is something completely normal and something that most people go through.

She said that working these types of issues out helps people to gain a healthy perspective into who they are.

Asked about the rumors of her and Cara Delevingne being an item, Gomez said that she did not mind it at all; in fact, she actually had a lot of fun with it.

She had nothing but praise for Delevingne, calling her a very adventurous and fun person to be around.

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