Selena Gomez Gushes Over Amy Schumer At Awards Show


It was a star-studded night at the Hollywood Film Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, featuring names like Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Benicio Del Toro and many more.

But one of the best moments of the night was when singer Selena Gomez presented the Hollywood Comedy Award to actress and comedian Amy Schumer.

Gomez gushed about Schumer, saying that she was happy that actress Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t make it to the event, since she was actually slated to present the award to Schumer.

Gomez said that she talks about Schumer obsessively and tries to imitate her. Gomez said that Schumer is the first comedian to speak to the women of her generation.

Schumer didn’t disappoint when she took the stage. She thanked Gomez for all of the kind words and joked that she didn’t even ask Lawrence to present her with the award and that Gomez was, in fact, her first choice.

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