See Justin Bieber Riding A Wakeboard In His Undies


Pop phenomenon Justin Bieber had a concert this week in Miami, Florida, which allowed him to spend some quality time in the water, getting some wakeboarding in.

He must have forgotten to bring his bathing suit with him though, because the celebrity crooner was seen wearing nothing but his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. And what a sight it was.

Bieber even posted a couple pictures on Instagram to give his fans a sneak peak into the action. Of course, when you’re wearing white underwear and they get wet, they pretty much become transparent.

Not that anyone was complaining. And as for Justin, he seems to be very comfortable with showing off his assets. Remember that time he posted up a picture of his naked booty?

What else could be gather from the pictures other than the fact that his butt is still in very nice shape? Well, it looks like he’s pretty good at wakeboarding too, which is no surprise because we known from seeing many of his videos that Biebs is an excellent skateboarder too.

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