Second Ever Transgender Oscar Nominee Boycotts The Academy Awards


There’s nothing worse in the celebrity world than getting nominated for an Academy Award and having it amount to nothing in the end. While some people (Leo DiCaprio comes to mind) are able to take this rather well, others are not that fortunate. Antony Hegarty, better known as Anohni, obviously falls into the latter category, as she slammed the Academy for not including her song in the Oscar telecast. She wrote an essay titled “Why I Am Not Attending The Academy Awards” in which she let everyone know how angry and sad she was about the producers’ choice not to include her song in the show. While she did not directly accuse them of not choosing her because of the fact that she is transgender, she did call them part of a “system of social oppression and diminished opportunities for transpeople.

Apart from initially being very excited about being nominated for something as big as an Oscar, she was even more excited that she was the second openly transgender person ever to be honored in such a way. All of this excitement came crashing down, though, when she learned of the producers’ decision to exclude her from the ceremony because of her not being “commercially viable.

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