Sean Penn Won’t Apologize For Racist Oscars Joke


Sean Penn made a joke at this year’s Oscars that upset a lot of people, it seems. However, he said that he will not apologize for it.

Penn was presenting the best picture award, and when he saw that Mexican-born director Alejandro Iñárritu had one for his movie “Birdman,” Penn said “Who have this son of a bitch a green card?” because announcing the winner.

To be fair, Iñárritu was not offended by it. He said right after the awards show that he found it hilarious, and added that he and Penn have a very good friendship. As most people know, Iñárritu directed “21 Grams.” the lauded 2003 movie in which Penn starred.

Responding to the people who were offended by his joke, Penn said that he is “always surprised by flagrant stupidity.”

“I have absolutely no apologies,” Penn added.

Well, if Iñárritu wasn’t offended, should we still be allowed to be offended by it?

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