Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Break Up


This is a sad day for all the Penn-Theron fans out there. Namely, the famous couple ended their relationship after a year and a half of dating and half-a-year long engagement. Although they have known each other for decades, they did not hook up until December 2013. Their engagement was informal, but they did commit to each other, wanting to spend the rest of their lives as a couple.

The duo was last seen together in France, at the Cannes Film Festival where they shared numerous signs of affection, which makes the end of their relationship even more surprising. Penn even filed adoption papers, wanting to become the legal parent of Theron’s three-year-old son. Theron was the one to break things off with Penn, due to his overwhelming seriousness. Apparently, the stunning actress needs someone to play and have fun with. On the bright side, they have decided to remain friends.

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