Scott Disick Might Be Dating A Swedish Model


To be perfectly honest, we understand the man. If you were sort of rich and famous, wouldn’t you date a Swedish supermodel? We are asking the ladies here too, not just the guys. It is just something you do when you reach a certain level of celebrity and do not have a wife (sometimes even when you do have a wife).

The latest celebrity dude to stroll down Dating a Swedish Supermodel Street is Scott Disick who probably realized there is no need to try and get back with Kourtney Kardashian and that there is other fish in the sea, to use the antiquated and massively sexist term.

The lady that he is dating is Lina Sandberg, an acquaintance of Disick’s from some time ago and, according to some pics and the sources, current girlfriend to the famous ex-Kardashian.

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